Deep Cleansing Facial Steamer

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Hello Perfect Skin!

Our Deep Cleansing Facial Steamer can help you create a spa like experience at home. Replenishing the missing moisture in your skin helps reduce wrinkles while toning and providing the elasticity and glow of youthful skin. With the ability to promote blood circulation in the face, nutrients are able to reach skin cells through tiny blood vessels making your skin smooth and less prone to aging. The Deep Cleansing Facial Steamer is the perfect product for people who are looking to maintain healthy and radiant skin.



  • Reduces the size and appearance of pores.
  • Benefits all types of skin (oily, dirty, rough, wrinkly, sensitive).
  • Breaks down all acne and blackhead causing bacteria.
  • Hydrates skin.
  • Opens up your pores to enable your skin care products to be absorbed 20x deeper.
  • Results promise silky smooth skin.
  • Designed to help with rejuvenating your skin, exfoliating & spot cleaning.
  • Prevents wrinkling - One of the greatest benefits to this amazing product is it rejuvenates your skin increasing blood circulation around the applied area, which ultimately stops and prevents wrinkles.  
  • Dermatologist Approved Treatment - A professional and approved product that not only is a huge money saver but you never have to leave your house to use. 
  • Convenient - As the product comes with a USB charging cable you can use in wherever and whenever.  


How to use Deep Cleansing Facial Steamer

  • Fill up the tank with Purified Water Only. Add a few drops of essential oils (Coming Soon). 
  • Place the water tank back inside The Deep Cleansing Facial Steamer.
  • Plug the facial steamer into the power outlet.
  • Once steam starts to rise, enjoy 10-15 of pure relaxation as your skin cleanses, and rejuvenates. 
  • We strongly recommend the use of The Pore Extractor Pro  after using the Deep Cleansing Facial Steamer.