Porous Skin Scrubber

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What are you waiting for? 

Your journey to the flawless skin you always dreamt of begins now. Too many of us are used to not seeing the results of all the skin products we buy annually because our pores are blocked. Here at Meridian Cosmetic we want to provide you the perfect tool so that you never have this issue again. Introducing the Porous Skin Scrubber with all new CurveLine Technology promising to remove dead cells from the surface of your skin and leave it looking refreshed and silky smooth. This process of deep intricate cleansing and peeling removes dirt and oil trapped in the epidermis. The tip of the blade focuses the rapid vibrations to give a concentrated deep clean. 



  • Firming & lifting - Light and delicate on the skin while reducing pimples and revealing your new youthful glow.
  • Deep & rejuvenating cleanising - Scrubs off dead, dry skin cells from your skin surface that enlarge your pores.  
  • Easy to use and manoeuvre with the help of its CurveLine Technology enabling to fit anywhere on your skin and still provide the results you paid for.
  • Massages your skin to stimulate blood circulation and provide your skin with a healthy glow. 
  • Convenient - Cable free and flexible, perfect for travel use. 
  • Stainless Steal - High quality product and materials, promising longterm durability
  • 3-4 Day Battery life
  • Enables your skin to benefit and absorb your favourite skincare products up to 30x deeper.
  • Designed to help with exfoliating, skin rejuvenation and spot cleaning.  
  • Promises you the same results as a professional, nurse monitored microdermabrasion treatment.
  • Works perfect along the Deep Cleaning Facial Steamer.
  • Best part, it can all be done from home.  


How to Use the Porous Skin Scrubber

  • Remove all Make up, prior to use
  • Take a warm shower, followed by wetting your face with a warm towel or using our Deep Cleansing Facial Steamer for 7-10 mins to allow pores to relax and open up. Creating the perfect conditions for your Porous Skin Scrubber to achieve the best results.
  • Apply a facial cleanser of your choice, letting it work its magic for the appropriate time. Then rinse.
  • Gently slide the scrubber back and forth your soft, moist skin. Be careful and systematic with usage. DO NOT scrub the same area more than three times. 
  • Use a cold towel to tighten your facial pores and lastly apply a moisturizer of your choice to shrink pores. 




Detailed Product Description

Brand Name: msmask
Model Number: Deep Face Cleaning Peeling Machine
Type: Vibrate Facial Skin Scrubber