The Pore Extractor Lite

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Goodbye Oily, Clogged Pores!


Its time to take back your youthful glow, and bring a smile back to your face every-time you look in the mirror. With our all new Essential Blackhead Extractor we promise to have found you the best product that naturally removes blackheads without any harmful effects to your skin.
Say goodbye to your chemically strong and damaging creams and ointments that do nothing but dry out your skin and worsen your acne. Instead, pick up our Essential Pore Extractor today and watch all your acne go away. With just 2 to 3 short times usage throughout the week watch your oily, dirty pores clear away with just a press of a button.
Go on give it a try, we know you want to!

Product Includes

1 x Essential Pore Extractor

5 x Essential Vacuum Nozzles

Product Manual

USB Charging Cable

Proven Results

Our Essential Pore Extractor is designed for all skin types, offering deep cleansing for dry and sagging skin as well as wrinkles. The powerful vacuum with multiple settings and tips helps clean your pores by extracting blackheads and impurities deep within your skin. The powerful suction from the pore extractor helps increase blood circulation which smoothens and rejuvenates your skin so you can achieve that youthful glow and new found self-confidence.


  • Effortless & Painless - Most people know the blackhead extraction methods to be excruciatingly painful (tweezers, scrapers, needles) and leave life long scarring. With the Essential Pore Extractor working as a vacuum, the tool quickly and effortlessly sucks up all your imperfections. Without ever feeling a pinch of pain. 
  • Applicable for all skin types - Rough, dry, oily, wrinkly, sensitive or even normal skin will benefit from the works of the Essential Pore Extractor. 
  • Prevents wrinkling - One of the greatest benefits to this amazing product is it rejuvenates your skin increasing blood circulation around the applied area, which ultimately stops and prevents wrinkles.  
  • Dermatologist Approved Treatment - A professional and approved product that not only is a huge money saver but you never have to leave your house. 
  • Convenient - As the product comes with a USB charging cable you can use in wherever and whenever.  


How to Use the Essential Pore Extractor

  • Remove all Make up, prior to use
  • Take a warm shower, followed by wetting your face with a warm towel or using our Deep Cleansing Facial Steamer for 7-10 mins to allow pores to relax and open up. Creating the perfect conditions for your Pore Extractor Lite to achieve the best results.
  • Apply a facial cleanser of your choice, letting it work its magic for the appropriate time. Then rinse.
  • We recommend you start with the second setting for intensity of suction.
  • Gently slide the Extractor across your soft, moist skin. Be careful and systematic with usage, if kept in the same spot for longer than three seconds can cause bruising. The suction is powerful.
  • Use a cold towel to tighten your facial pores and lastly apply a moisturiser of your choice to shrink pores. 

Detailed Product Description
Brand Name: msmask
Function: EMS
Standard Voltage: 100V-240V
Size: 13*4*5cm
Type: Pore Extractor
Power Source: EU, AU, US, UK